• Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

  • A myofascial trigger point (often referred to as a “knot”) is a small patch of tightly contracted muscle fibers buried deep within a muscle.

    When our muscles harbor trigger points, we experience pain, stiffness and tension, physical limitation and loss of normal function. The referred pain caused by a trigger point is usually steady, dull and aching, often deep. It may occur at rest, or only on movement. It varies from being a low-grade discomfort to being severe and incapacitating. Myofascial trigger points are among the most common, yet poorly recognised causes of musculoskeletal pain seen in medical practice.

    Myofascial Trigger Point therapy is incorporated into most massage therapy treatments. Massage Therapy breaks the self-sustaining vicious cycle that causes us to form these “knots” by: increasing local circulation to the area and by manually stretching/breaking down the “knotted” muscle fibres.